Vesta Pillow Set Vesta Pillow Set
Satisfying different
needs for your sleep
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Vesta Pillow Set

One pillow, double satisfaction

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The pillow with different support levels

Designed with versatility in mind.

  • Heat Distribution
    Heat Distribution

    Efficiently distribute any trapped heat away from your head, neck and shoulder.

  • Spinal Alignment
    Spinal Alignment

    Fit for all sleep positions, the pillow embraces your body no matter how you sleep.

  • Cool and Breathable
    Cool and Breathable

    Our pillow offers supreme air-flow to offer you a cool and refreshing night.

Premium Silk Pillowcase

The luxuriously smooth silk pillowcase


SuperBamboo™ Pillowcase Set

The ultra-breathable bamboo pillowcase


Which pillowcase should you choose?

Premium Silk Pillowcase

SuperBamboo™ Pillowcase Set

Luxuriously smooth

Silk provides a luxurious sheen and is silky smooth to the touch.

Supple soft

SuperBamboo™ fibre can perfefctly balance softness and comfort.

Perfectly wicks moisture

Silk effectively absorbs moisture, keeping you dry all the time.

Superbly breathable

SuperBamboo™ is ultra-breathable, offering you a thermoregulating and restful sleep.

Elegant feeling

The highest grade 6A silk for the ultimate luxurious beauty rest.

Modern design

The playful designed color splash in grey and blue colors for lighting up your bedroom.

Price From $89 Price From $39

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Frequently asked questions

The pillow is made of multi-density memory foam, the inner cover is made of 87.9% nylon and 12.1% spandex, and the outer protector is 52% polyester and 48% viscose.

Our three-layer pillow feels soft on one side and firm on the other. If you like a softer pillow, you’ll prefer the plusher side of our pillow. Alternatively, sleepers who prefer firm pillows will find the most comfort sleeping on the firmer side of this pillow.

No, a memory foam pillow does not need to be fluffed. Our Vesta Pillow was designed for durable support, so without any fluffing you can be sure that your pillow will support you night after night.

The Vesta Pillow does not come with a pillowcase with it by default. But we recommend pairing the Vesta Silk Pillow Case with the Vesta Pillow to get the best sleeping experience.

Vesta Pillow is covered by a 1 year limited warranty. If there is any issue regarding the products, please feel free to contact our after-sales support team at for the fastest response.

Rethinking your bedding standards.

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Rethinking your bedding standards.

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