High-quality Product Begets High-quality Sleep

High-quality Product Begets High-quality Sleep High-quality Product Begets High-quality Sleep
Vesta silk sleep mask Vesta silk sleep mask

Lots to love. Less to spend.

Choose from 5 different colors, all designed to put you at ease and to rest.

100% Natural Silk

Natural silk fibers are hypoallergenic and odor-free. Sleep calmly with this comfortable sleeping fabric for the most sensitive of skins.

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Beauty Rest

Beauty Rest

With its non-gripping, smooth finish, silk helps prevent wrinkles and fine lines. Silk does not absorb oils, helping your skin to retain its natural oils while you sleep.

Temperature Regulation

Temperature Regulation

Unlike cotton or synthetic materials, silk regulates temperature, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Comfort Sleep Design

Comfort Sleep Design

We designed a thick and gentle band that keeps the mask in place, bringing comfort all around.


89 reviews

Love this mask! It's comfortable, it blocks all the light. I get great sleep with it. The old cheap ones I used to buy would stain my sheets.They were black satin. I'd go through them like tissue paper. This mask will last ,you will not regret buying it.My only regret is I didn’t buy two.

Janet M.

I just love it. I have been sleeping much better, deeper relaxed, no light coming through. It's great. I highly recommend it!!!

Mignon M.

I love everything about Vesta. Their products are my favorite thing I never knew I needed, and their team is amazing. The quality and craftsmanship of these products is so much better than others you see for the same price. I have been recommending them to everyone!

Bella W.

My sleep quality has improved with this silk mask and for a shift working nuser that means a lot!

Donahue E.

The best sleep mask I have had yet: super comfy, effective, and very well-made. They are not the cheapest on the market, but you get what you pay for: quality!

Jean E.

Got the product really fast and tried it immediately the same night. This is exactly what I needed in my life. Something to give me 100% darkness while I sleep. I am a night owl and the sun would wake me up really often, breaking my sleep. Now I do not have this issue anymore. I cannot live without it now!!! Even hubby is jealous of me, I will need to buy another one for him soon!

Mike W.

Best Night Mask. Period

Jan C.

Excellent construction and I'm sleeping better than ever. Highly recommended.

Ahmad B.

Frequently asked questions

The Vesta Premium Silk Sleep Mask is made with 16 momme pure silk.

The Vesta Premium Silk Sleep Mask is designed with a thick and gentle adjustable band that keeps the mask in place. It can be adjusted to fit different people.

The head strap of the Vesta Premium Silk Sleep Mask is made with super soft and smooth silk, you’ll only feel the ease and comfort no matter what sleeping positions.

The Vesta Premium Silk Sleep Mask is covered by a 1-year limited warranty. If there is any issue regarding the products, please feel free to contact our after-sales support team at support@vesta-sleep.com for the fastest response.