A hygienic sanctuary

Vesta All-in-one Travel Sheet builds a hygienic sanctuary that keeps you safe. Sleep soundly knowing that you will never be in contact with problematic substances.


Uncontaminated rest


Tight weaved shield

This sheet is made with the optimal density of SuperBamboo™ that provides maximum insulation with minimal bulk.


All round protection

It wraps around the foreign bedding and forms an insulative barrier between you and the questionable surroundings.


Repellent to microbes

Inherently anti-bacterial, our iconic Superbamboo™ will make your sanctuary inhospitable to any harmful microbes.

Comfort on-the-go

Compact packing

Compact packing

This model unveils a brand new packing feature that not only keeps the sheet compacted but also hygienic at every step of the way.

Trademarked softness

Trademarked softness

Described as silky smooth and luxuriously soft, SuperBamboo™ is comparable to the highest thread count of cotton.

Extremely spacious

Extremely spacious

Its wide coverage forms a spacious cocoon that is supportive of all sleep positions and allows you to move around freely.

Verified Reviews

Silk-filled Thermoregulating Duvet Silk-filled Thermoregulating Duvet

Silk-filled Thermoregulating Duvet

A duvet that taps the power of silk to deliver all-season temperature-regulated sleep. This is the versatile duvet that you can use year-round.

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