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You've never felt sooo SOFT like this

Made from 100% eucalyptus trees.

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Made with nature, built for cooling

Sweat responsibly in a durable blend of eco-friendly materials.

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Your colorful summer

Our best products in gorgeous colors—blue, green, pink, yellow, purple.


Save 10% today

The most premium cooling blanket

Soft on you, soft on the earth.

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Vesta makes cool sleep products.
The eco-friendly duvet maker is setting precedence in the textile industry.
Innovatively designed to give the best homely comfort.
The Best Cooling Blanket
Vesta’s revolutionary design is built from the inside out.

Our Favorites

Silk-filled DuvetBEST SELLER

Silk-filled Duvet

From $296.10 $329.00
  • Silk Silk
  • Thermoregulating

Duvet Max

From $674.10 $749.00
  • Silk Premium Silk
  • Duvet Ultra Soft
Silk Cooling BlanketBEST SELLER

Silk Cooling Blanket

From $224.10 $249.00
  • Silk Premium Silk
  • Pillow Cooling

Cloud Duvet

From $179.10 $199.00
  • rPet rPET
  • Pillow Fluffy
SuperBamboo™ Duvet CoverBEST SELLER

SuperBamboo™ Duvet Cover

From $134.10 $149.00
  • SuperBamboo Bamboo
  • Kosmu Breathable
SuperTree Duvet CoverBEST SELLER

SuperTree Duvet Cover

From $161.10 $179.00