Vesta Duvet Max - the best duvet ever

Vesta Duvet Max is body contouring, thermoregulating, and super-durable.  

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Outstanding in performance


Super-long lasting, 15 years

Due to its super high quality silk, Vesta Duvet Max has a 5x longer-lasting lifespan than other silk duvets, enabling 15 years of use.


All-season comfort

As a natural heat conductor, silk helps to regulate the body's temperature for keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer.


The world’s softest

Soft, supple, plush, and luxurious, Duvet Max‘s super long-strand silk wraps you to sleep in its comfort.

Queen of silk

At Vesta, we partner with family businesses that have been growing and refining silk for decades.

Premium 100% dupion silk

Delivering a smooth and consistent filling for resting.

Unsullied purity

50% less oil content in silks, better for dust-proof and anti-allergies.

Ultra-breathable bamboo fibre shell

Superior temperature control

Bamboo has 3x breathability and 2.5x thermal conductivity of cotton, which is excellent for temperature controlling.

Perfect for sensitive skin

Bamboo fibre is pure, naturally hypoallergenic, and synthetic-free, making it a great fit for people with sensitive skin and allergies.

Environmentally friendly

Bamboo’s footprint is small, free of pesticides and low in water consumption. It’s no wonder bamboo is a vital renewable resourece.


226 reviews
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Most comfortable duvet I have owned yet can’t rate this high enough. We also have the pillows too. Best night sleep ever and look forward to going to bed.

Emma R.
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These products have changed my life, I sleep so much better and awake completely refreshed and ready for the day ahead. Before Vesta I used to wake up sweaty and sore, now that has all gone. The Vesta products must be the greatest things ever in the bedding world. Thank you.

Joseph A.
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This is the second Vesta I’ve bought for my home. They never disappoint. Great company, excellent service & the products are amazing.

Petya V.
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We were used to heavy feather quilts so moving over to this lightweight quilt, we were dubious...well it holds the heat but also keeps you cool when too warm...absolutely brilliant piece of TECHNOLOGY MATERIAL.

Catherine P.
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So comfortable, my husband likes to be warm in bed, I like a cool bed, this duvet satisfies both of us. It never slips off the bed and is so easy to make the bed each morning, well worth the money, so pleased I bought it.

Tracey T.
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It took some convincing by my better half to buy this quilt as it seemed so expensive. However, I have to admit to being surprised and delighted by how it performs.
Light, comfortable yet irrespective of how warm or cold it is, it does maintain your body temperature just right. Brilliant and I am now considering the pillows.

David W.
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Both my husband and I now sleep so much better. The duvet, although we thought it was quite thin, is warm enough on cold nights and cool enough on warm nights. Well worth the money and we would totally recommend it.

Rebecca B.
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The best duvet I have ever bought. It is so warm and comfortable. Exactly what it states. Very Happy with it.

Alexandra E.
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Most comfortable duvet I have owned yet can’t rate this high enough. We also have the pillows too, best night sleep ever and look forward to going to bed.

Emma R.
breathable bamboo duvet cover breathable bamboo duvet cover

Breathable Bamboo Duvet Cover

A perfect pairing with our silk-filled duvet, bamboo balances softness and comfort with temperature control for a good night’s sleep.


Frequently asked questions

The outer shell is made of 100% bamboo fibre, the filling is made of 100% premium silk.

Yes, Vesta Duvet Max keeps the temperature inside the duvet constant at about 75°F. This is the versatile duvet that you can use year-round.

A properly covered Duvet Max (for example, pairing with our Bamboo Duvet Cover) should not require cleaning under normal conditions of use. If the duvet does require a wash, in the instance of a spill or a stain, we advise handwashing with water.

We strongly encourage using one. It will help safeguard the duvet against sweat, dirt, and stains, and it can easily be regularly thrown in the wash with the rest of your linens.

The Vesta Duvet Max is covered by a 1-year limited warranty. If there is any issue regarding the products, please feel free to contact our after-sales support team at for the fastest response.

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