Vesta Silk-filled Thermoregulating Duvet Vesta Silk-filled Thermoregulating Duvet

Why choose Vesta Silk-filled Thermoregulating Duvet?

100% premium silk filling + 100% organic cotton shell = The ultimate silky and thermoregulating sleep

Thermoregulating all year round

Filled with premium silk, Vesta duvet gives an ultimate thermoregulating solution no matter the season.

Thermoregulating Thermoregulating

Outstanding in performance



Silk helps to wick moisture away from the body, making you stay cool and dry all night.


Temperature Control

This all-season duvet keeps temperature for sleep about 68 - 74°F all year round.


Heat Distribution

No worry for being too hot or too cold, body heat can pass through efficiently when sleeping.

The ultimate duvet of your dream



With the temperature regulating function, Vesta Duvet keeps the body cool in summer and warm in winter.

Body contouring

Body contouring

The lightweight silk floss will mold to the body by fitting the contours, bringing you the best physical comfort.

Smoother, softer solution for sweeter dreams

Smoother, softer solution for sweeter dreams


Lowest rate of friction coefficient


Silk mesh layers in highest density

Silk of best quality

At Vesta, we partner with family businesses that have been growing and refining silk for decades

Premium 100% wild silk

Premium 100% wild silk

No additives or chemicals are included in our silks.

Unsullied purity

Unsullied purity

50% less oil content in silks, better for dust-proof and anti-allergies.

Silk vs. Down

Vesta Silk-filled Duvet Regular Down Duvet

Vesta Silk-filled Duvet

Regular Down Duvet

Comfortable all season

As a low conductor of heat, silk perfectly controls the sleep temperature all year around.

Unbearable in hot weathers

Down Traps heat inside the duvet, leaving you feel hot and sticky on warm nights.

Superior moisture-wicking

Silk absorbs moisture, keeping you dry all the time.

Difficult to handle moisture

Moisture trapped in down from body sweat is often unable to escape.

Perfect for sensitive skin

Naturally hypoallergenic, silk floss is resistant to moths and mold.

Cause allergic reactions

Mold and mitis can easily burrow into down, making some people allergic.





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Breathable Bamboo Duvet Cover Breathable Bamboo Duvet Cover

Breathable Bamboo Duvet Cover

A perfect pairing with our silk-filled duvet, bamboo balances softness and comfort with temperature control for a good night’s sleep.

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Frequently asked questions

The outer shell of the duvet is 100% organic cotton, the filling is made of 100% premium silk. The fill weights for twin, queen, king size duvets are 2.8, 3.7, 4.4 lbs.

Yes, Vesta Silk-filled Thermoregulating Duvet keeps the temperature inside the duvet constant at about 68 - 74°F. This is the versatile duvet that you can use year-round.

We strongly encourage using one. It will help safeguard the duvet against sweat, dirt, and stains, and it can easily be regularly thrown in the wash with the rest of your linens.

A properly covered Vesta Silk-filled Duvet (for example, pairing with our Bamboo Duvet Cover) should not require cleaning under normal conditions of use. If the duvet does require a wash, in the instance of a spill or a stain, we advise handwashing with water.

The Vesta Silk-filled Thermoregulating Duvet is covered by a 1-year limited warranty. If there is any issue regarding the products, please feel free to contact our after-sales support team at for the fastest response.

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