Highly breathable, moisture-wicking, anti-bacterial

We found that few yarns met our ultimate comfort and sustainability standards, so we invented our own. Our innovative combination of renewable SuperBamboo™ and the unique properties of linen has resulted in a new soft, breathable fiber, SuperLinen™.

cotton before it blooms
traditional weaving machine
The Earth-friendly flax plant

The Earth-friendly flax plant

Flax, the plant from which linen is made, requires far less water to grow than cotton consumes. Linen is strong, naturally antibacterial, and one of the most biodegradable fabrics. It respects the environment and preserves the land.

One step to keep your bed fresh and secure

One step to keep your bed fresh and secure

SuperLinen™ series absorbs moisture up to 20% of dry weight without holding bacteria. The excellent moisture-wicking capability helps avoid humidity and stuffiness. Over time, it will become softer and continuously provide good sleep.


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