Vegan Down

Biomimicry flufness, extra supportive

We found that the existing down alternatives were heavy, clumpy, not very breathable, or would lose shape. That's why we engineered our own fiber fill with the help of biomimicry science.

plastic bottle in the water
fluffy cover
Comfort brought through biomimicry

Comfort brought through biomimicry

We were able to engineer a non-animal derived fibre with a three dimensional helix shape to enjoy the same lofty recovery and air trapping properties of natural down with none of the risks for allergic reactions.

Taking it one step further for our planet

Taking it one step further for our planet

We silicone-coated the fibers so they stay fluffier, bouncier and cozier for longer, effectively extending their lifespan. What's more, our vegan down is made from recycled plastic bottles to further free up our landfills.

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